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La Roseraie's garden is so typical of those that you will find in France. Lovingly tended (it boasts over 160 roses) it creates a wonderful feeling of serendipity - you are just as likely to stumble on a bed of self-setting tomato plants as you are a formal display of flowers.

La Roseraie sits in about three acres of its own grounds. In one corner you will find its vegetable garden, lovingly tended by John and fully exploited by Rosalind in the kitchen. Walk out of the vegetable garden, past the raspberry canes and you will find a sheltered bench in a typically French state of elegant decay: The weather has stripped the wood of its varnish and the metalwork has a patina of age which blends it into the landscape. Sit down for a while and drink a glass of the local Touraine wine and contemplate the attractive borders, then stroll onwards to another bench overlooking the ancient rose-clad well. In season, apple trees and pear trees bow under the heavy burden of fruit. Walk through the ornamental arch beneath the weeping willow and over the 'Chinese Bridge', taking time to look down into the stream to see shoals of roach swim beneath your feet, and stroll into the park, complete with wildflower meadow, with its avenue of quince trees and fastigiate hornbeams, circular orchard and unusual trees in the fledgling arboretum. Relax on a bench on the banks of the gurgling Chezelle by the miniature weir and do a little birdwatching: we have a pair of resident mallards, a kingfisher or two and the chance you'll see a hoopoe and hear a golden oriel.

Walk back over the bridge and turn right into the salon vert shaded by the weeping willow, and enjoy an apéritif with your hosts before dinner.

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